Who We Are

Automotive Leather Group is a consortium of seven tanneries from South America specializing in the production of customized automotive crust leather while meeting the specifications of OEMs and the requirements of all tier levels.


Our headquarters are located in the United States and we have offices throughout the world to serve the global leather industry.


Automotive Leather Group utilizes its 50 plus years of experience in the leather industry to supply its customers with the highest quality leather crust at the most competitive prices and with superior service and support.



ALG emerged from Kamali Global Inc. KGI, under the guidance of CEO, Bob Kamali, originally formed in response to the growing demand for affordable and quality automotive leather. Bob revolutionized the industry in the early 2000s when he began to source automotive leather in South America. He firmly believed South America could become a primary source for automotive grade leather because of its high quality standard and economic advantage. With his 30+ years in leather purchasing in South America, Bob had the tools to make this change.


Thanks to the efforts of Bob and his team, South America has become a well established source for global automotive leather industry. With this experience, Kamali has formed an alliance with companies from every part of the leather making process spectrum, from the farm to the seat making plant. This alliance has joined in servicing many OEM seat making manufactures.


After examining this new market and its new geographic location, Kamali focused his efforts into the niche of automotive leather crust, the foundation of a quality leather product. Kamali has used his experience to hand select the highest performing South American tanneries to form a consortium titled the Automotive Leather Group, where each tannery has been chosen for its specialty product. This hand selection is what promises ALG to be the perfect supplier for any type of automotive leather crust need.


Our Mission

To supply automotive leather crust with the

  • Most superior quality for each leather grade
  • Best overall value
  • Highest possible cutting yields

while meeting the specifications of OEMs and all tier levels.



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